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In 2014 we started our our small firm around the hope that we could connect field managers directly to candidates through our own social network just for candidates interested in commission based financial advice roles and the field managers from North American organizations that hire them.

Quickly, your feedback was heard, “this is great and all but I am so busy as a field manager I don’t have time to surf another social network for candidates. What I really need is someone who knows the industry to source and help select for me.

We went to work and now we have a field force across North America of recruiters who used to be field managers just like you, who know your market and are ready to help!

The feedback from this new initiative was outstanding!  The field managers we hired to recruit, knew the business, knew what it takes to be a successful rep and best of all knew where to find them!

“Our recruiter is top notch! He knows what we are looking for and he doesn’t send us a candidate until he finds it. When he does we have contracted almost every one.  It is unique because we work in this world of names, names, give me names…but we waste so much time with bad candidates. Time I could be spending developing my reps to succeed. I recommend these guys over and over and be patient, you’ll be shocked” – Tony – Sr. Partner – New York Life

We pride ourselves on not being a typical staffing agency. We don’t spend our valuable recruiting time, visiting your offices and going for coffee with you. We source, we select and we get the job done.

We guarantee hires and we do it because recruiting reps is all we do. No admins, no support staff, no other industries, no other positions. Only reps. That means we are zeroed in on you and what you need to meet your recruiting objectives.

Sign up today. You don’t pay commissions for contracting adisors, you pay you membership fee and tha is it. The hiring is up to you, we don’t stand in the way, but we will give a few virtual high fives.

Let’s create your firm’s growth strategy together!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to grow your team.


Our mission is to become the most trusted resource for financial advisor and rep recruiting across North America.  We endeavour to provide the best results of any firm in our space.


Our passion is sharing the tremendous benefits your organization provides new financial reps.  We love to talk advice with candidates and we love to share your story.

We pre-screen everyone and we never go to resume databases to recruit. We are warm source recruiters and have a passion for networking and relationships.

Your Advice Career is trusted by 400+ field managers and companies across North America


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